Fifty Pence on Film School Rejects

Fifty Pence has been selected as Film School Rejects short film of the day

First of all, this movie is beautiful in an unconventional way — showing Paris neither as the capital of Romance nor as a sleazy bed of dead concrete. It’s just a city here, and it remains beautiful. Part of that is because the verité cinematography and the sound design hold hands the whole way through...

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Fifty Pence is now available to watch online!

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Fifty Pence at ÉCU Film Festival

Fifty Pence will be screening on Sunday, March 31st, 2013 at ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival (Paris, FRANCE) as part of 'ÉCU Firsts': a showcase of works from first-time film makers.

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To guarantee the screening 'Fifty Pence' needs to have a minimum of 10 guests at the screening.
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Fifty Pence at International Festivals

Fifty Pence goes to international festivals

In 2012, 'Fifty Pence' received a few festival selections; from London to Chicago, via Dublin.
The feedback was much better than expected!

❝ Very evocative... and beautifully shot...
- Suri Grennell, Eat My Shorts Film Festival

❝ Eric Kolelas writes, directs, and acts!
- Sergio Mims, IndieWire | Shadow & Act